Since when are board games so good?!

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GIANTS provide Board Games now.

It is a specific kind of joy than any other types of games.

Mostly it’s about the social interaction between players sharing the same location (table).

You know, the old days when we wanted to just gather up and play cards?

Well it’s advanced now with various types of cards, rules and all.

What are Board Games?

Board Games are tabletop games played with physical component (board, tokens, miniatures and cards) although some of the newer games may implement apps on digital devices (mobiles and tablets) to enhance the gaming experience.

There are all types of games (strategy, tactics, civilization, fighting, exploration, Economic, Sci-fi, territory building and much more).

Boarding zone

We have a variety of board games in GIANTS, you could choose the type you prefer!

Some of the games offered are:

➡️ Pandemic Legacy

➡️ SpyFall

➡️ Ticket to Ride - Europe

➡️ Codenames

➡️ Sushi Go Party

➡️ Cosmic Ecounter

➡️ Codenames: Pictures

➡️ The Resistance

➡️ 7 Wonders

➡️ No Thanks!

Boarding collection

Number of gamers required per game isn’t standard.

It changes from a game to another;

There are solo games, and there are multiplayer games.

The Multi-player games can range from 1 to any number based on the type of game.

On an average base, most games are from 2-4 whereas party games can range from 2-6 or more.


All you need is the game, table and players.

Blend in the combination

Are you into board games?

Do you want to try it for the first time?

You won’t regret it!

Choose the game and head to the table!


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