APRIL’s Drink and Dessert of The Month

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April is here!

Time for the Drink of the month!

But guess what? This time we have a dessert for you too!

Rather than two drinks as we had earlier.

Vel’Koz DessertJINK Drink

Conversation with the Chef

GIANTS: Hello Chef! As usual, we want to know what made you think of the name Vel’Koz?

Chef: Hello! Vel’Koz is a character from LOL (League of the Legends). He’s an octopus and those sticks looked like his hands! It just hit me. Personally, it is my favorite game by the way!

GIANTS: Interesting! Tell us why did you think of a dessert this time, and what are the ingredients?

Chef: We don’t want to bore our gamers! Plus, we don’t have many desserts so thought of adding more!

GIANTS: A colorful drink too! JINK!? That’s a catchy name! It’s like a glance! Quick action/direction?

Chef: YES, it’s that quick taste change with sweet and sour kind of thing!

GIANTS: The drink looks so fresh! Sweet and sour? Tell us about the ingredients!

Chef: Yeah summer is coming up so wanted to add something refreshing for our gamers. It contains strawberries, cucumber, lemon and fresh mint.

GIANTS: Cucumber! That’s a new add to a juice!

Chef: Wanted our gamers to try the combination! It’s a new taste!

GIANTS: Amazing! We are looking forward for your surprising and smart adds to our menu!


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