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GIANTS like to surprise you!

Since our February Drinks were such a smashing hit.

So, we decided to invent new drinks for March too!

Both hot and cold!

We met the chef once again to discuss the new drinks!

Fel TeaLevel 3

Conversation with the Chef

GIANTS: Good morning Chef! A bright GREEN cold drink is done for March! “FEL TEA!” You’re obviously a gamer, aren’t you?! Naming it after Fel energy (known as death/ demonic energy), Fel magic (the language of chaos) and the character from Warcraft!

Chef: You got me! I am a casual gamer to be honest, as I don’t have much time but yeah, I enjoy it! So, naming the drink “ Fel Tea” just made perfect sense.

GIANTS: Exciting! Noticing that you’re into gaming and bringing back the summer vibes with that GREENISH bright drink!

Chef: Gaming is fun! Yeah, winter is nearly over!

GIANTS: What about the hot drink?

Is it “LEVEL 3” as it’s layered in three layers of coffee and creamy goodness?

Or is it about gaming, wining and moving to higher levels?

Chef: You got that right! It’s both!

GIANTS: Thank you for making it all fit in perfectly!


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